Maintaining a Professional Presence 

It is incumbent upon us as leaders to maintain a professional presence regardless of any situations we are facing. Especially those of us who are entrepreneurs.

Every wonder why you are so great but you never have any repeat clients or no referrals to your business/ministry? 

One interesting fact is sometimes a client will pay more and at the same time settle for less than to have the drama associated with ‘great work’ and or ‘huge egos’.

Well here’s a great place to start improving. Do some soul searching and see where you are in maintaining a professional presence with your clients…Ask yourself these questions and be totally honest. In fact, if you have a mentor ask your mentor to evaluate you in the following areas.

1. How am I coming across when I’m under pressure?

2. What channels I use to communicate important information? Is it a preferred method by my clients?

3. How do I handle messages and follow up conversations? 

4. Do I always do my best, in my clients presence and behind their backs and who defines what is my best, my clients or I?

5. Am I humble or do I get ahead of myself when I think I get it, and can I be trusted with sensitive information?

6. Do I let the unprocessed me hang all out for clients and everyone to see?

If you are coming up low on any of these behaviors, talk with a mentor and develop a plan together to help get you to a better place in the near future.

Anyone of these behaviors could be an impediment for you getting from good to great and from developing a personal brand of maintaining a professional presence.

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