Advice on Getting References for Employment By Alison Doyle, Job Searching Expert

At some point during your job search, a potential employer will request references. Typically, it will be when the company is seriously interested in you as a potential hire. It’s important to be prepared to provide a list of employment references who can attest to the skills and qualifications that you have for the job you are applying for.

Plan ahead and get your references in order, before you need them. It will save time scrambling to put together a list at the last minute. Keep in mind that good references can help you clinch a job offer, so, be sure to have a strong list of references who are willing to attest to your capabilities.

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Our New Hires

Today is a very special day for us at Job Cafe Inc. We have four persons getting out to work at Citizens Bank today.

New Hire Kathryn Goodwin

How liberating?

Major Congrats and Happy First Day Kathryn Goodwin, Carole Honouvi Bawa, Arthur Fray and Kevin Campbell, who started a little earlier.

Go light your world, it’s your time to shine…