The Twelve Demonic Spirits

“You cannot cast a demon out that is nameless.” Benny Hinn

“Deliverance From Demons”

The Spirit of Jealousy
Numbers 5:14
Proverbs 6:34

“If you ever find the spirit of jealousy you’ll will find the spirit of murder, you’ll find the spirit of anger,
you’ll find the spirit of rage.” – Benny Hinn

The Spirit of Lying
2 Chronicles 18:22
Jeremiah 23:14

“This spirit is connected to adultery – it’s connected to evil doing…. profanity, hypocrisy, vanity.” – Benny Hinn

The Spirit of Familiarity
1 Samuel 28:7
Deuteronomy 18:10-12

“This (spirit) is forbidden by the Lord… astrology, horoscope, fortune telling, the occult.”
” You will find ever evil demonic activity connected to it.” – Benny Hinn

The Spirit of Perversion
Isaiah 19:14
Proverbs 14:2
Proverbs 23:33
Acts 13:10

“This spirit will cause people to live in error… bring about laziness… lust after women… this spirit amazing also hates God.”
“This spirit always twists the word of God.” Benny Hinn

The Spirit of Heaviness
Isaiah 61:3

“This spirit of heaviness carries with it grief, carries with it despair… hopelessness, rejection, self pity… gluttony.”
“Grief that has no joy… a life of sustained grief… a life of sustained despair.” Benny Hinn

The Spirit of Whoredom
Hosea 4:12
Ezekial 16:28-39

“This is the spirit of prostitution… idolatry… never satisfied… it will cause a weak heart.”
“The end result of whoredomness… poverty.” Benny Hinn

The Spirit of Infirmity
Luke 13:11

“All sickness if it’s demonic its controlled by the spirit of infirmity.” Benny Hinn

The Spirit of the Deaf and Dumb
Mark 9:17-25

“This spirit is not deaf and dumb… this is a spirit manifesting in insanity, epilepsy, suicide, seizures, lunatics.” Benny Hinn

The Spirit of Fear
2 Timothy 1:7
Job 4:14

“With the spirit of fear there is torment… there is terror, worry, timidity, an inferiority complex, phobias.”
“That spirit will make you feel inadequate.” Benny Hinn

The Spirit of Pride
Proverbs 16:18
Proverbs 13:10

“This spirit of pride will cause mockery… stubbornness, gossip, causes contentions and wars… causes wrath.”
“Not all pride is wrong – there is that Godly pride where we’re proud of our Heavenly Father.” Benny Hinn

The Spirit of Bondage
Romans 8:15
Exodus 6:9

“This spirit is also a spirit that manifests in fear… has anguish… bitterness, you see addictions.”
“There is spiritual blindness… unless it is broken they’re unable to receive spiritual truth.” Benny Hinn

The Spirit of Antichrist
1 John 4:3

“The spirit that denies the virgin birth.. denies the deity of Christ… this spirit denies He died on a cross,
this spirit denies the resurrection.” Benny Hinn