Make a Great First Impression 

On the day of your interview make a great first impression.

•Be polite and give a firm, confident handshake

•Smile when you introduce yourself

•Engage in a little small talks

•Remember to be yourself and do not overdo the small talk session

•Let the interviewer take the lead

•Be personable and ask for clarification if you are not sure of the question being asked

•Leave an indelible impression in the interviewers mind

•Always prepare for an interview

All the best if you are going through the interviewing process. See you again next week where I will share another great tip.


Act Today… Tomorrow is not Promised 

Never put off what you can do today for tomorrow because you don’t know what the future holds. Be intentional about your results and your career development.

Be the best you today and do something to help with your personal development. Be bold and step out of your comfort zone. Do something you’ve never done before.

•Request a One-on-One with your superior

•Be prepared to take about three things to help you achieve your current goals

•Ask for feedback on your progress

•Let your Supervisor/Mentor/Manager/Regional Manager/Director know your thoughts in terms of future roles you will love to serve in and ask for feedback to help get you to that level

• Set appointment and send a meeting maker for next One-on-One to discuss outcome (best practices, struggles, areas of opportunities, pitfalls, winning strategies, Strength, etc)

Inbox me with any questions or concerns. See you next week where I’ll share another tip.