w to keep the engagement going on social media?

Tip #4
How to keep the engagement going on social media?

Be a socialite

Be a socialite

Be consistent with your postings. For example post something daily, weekly or biweekly. By doing this you are creating a pattern for you audience to follow. They will know that daily, weekly or bi-weekly you have a fresh post and they will come out in full force to like it and leave their comments. Make sure the gap between post is reasonable and not too lengthy.

On the other hand when there is no set pattern they come and there is nothing fresh, they go somewhere else. The momentum is broken and the engagement dies.

Another thing is to keep the conversation going if someone leaves a comment, respond to the comment and use the person’s name.

This creates engagement and everyone likes to feel and be accepted. No one likes to be ignored. The principle is the same as when you are meeting someone for the first time and when you are in a conversation with someone.

You welcome and you respond. You welcome new followers and you respond to their likes and comments. Take it a step further, see their page and leave a comment and or a like.

Remember you have to manage social media the same way manage face to face conversations.

Give space between you and the person. Be polite, examine your words carefully. Be encouraging. Listen! Say only what is relevant. Build a relationship. Be yourself. Don’t be weird. Be professional.

I’ll say more about that later.


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