Changing the way we use Social Media

Tip #2

Post something on your page about you today.

Great Attitude

Your audience would like to know you. It’s great to have world news among other stuff on your page but your audience is interested in you.

The important thing is to keep them engaged.

You may say “I’m very private”, you know what you are not so private because you have social media accounts.

So share something about you that you feel comfortable sharing…

For example do you pray, are you a believer, do you drink water, do you eat fruits, do you have friends, are you in a relationship, do you like running, are you having a great day, are you thankful, do you have a testimony, what’s going well in your life?

These are examples of personal things you can share.

The internet came about because God gave man the insight to create and and the ability procreate. Use it in a positive and influential Godly way. You have the dominion to reign over cyber world.

Don’t be afraid…


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