9 Steps to Follow in the Recruitment and Selection Process

Step 1: Advertise the position
 Be clear and highlight the capabilities needed for the job.

Steps to Follow in the Recruitment Process...

Steps to Follow in the Recruitment Process…

Step 2: Resume screening
 The goal is to eliminate the applicants who definitely do not fit the profile you are seeking.

Step 3: Phone interview
 Use the phone interview as the second screening device. Keep it to ten minutes.

Step 4: Face-to-face interview
 Interview should last about an hour and be held in a neutral place.
 Use the same, predetermined questions with each applicant.
 Questions should focus on the capabilities required for the job.

Step 5: Assessment
 Use a predictive assessment tool. This helps to keep track of skill set required.

Step 6: Secondary face-to-face interview
 The goal is to clear up any discrepancies.
 Sell the candidates on the position.
 Broadly explain the compensation package.

Step 7: Job Shadow
 The purpose is to see if the applicant is a good cultural fit.
 It also helps you identify whether the applicant is comfortable with the actual job.

Step 8: Reference Check
 Ask about their capabilities as it relates to the job.
 Also ask about attribute match.

Step 9: Job Offer
 Make sure the compensation plan offered is clear.


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