The Importance of a Positive Attitude by Jeff Boo

“What is the reason behind the different reactions from different people to one specific circumstance?

Positive mind

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Well, your reaction and ultimately your decision depend greatly on how you perceive a situation.

Take a minute to view your mind and see the flow of your thoughts.

Are those thoughts in your mind more of the negative ones or positive ones?

Have you ever wondered why a friend will walk up to you to cheer you up when you are feeling down even though you did not tell him or her anything about how you feel?

It is not that your friend can read you like a book, but your attitude and expression tell it all.

So what actually that is so powerful to affect your attitude in general? It will be none other than your mind. If you are negative about certain things that happened, your powerful frame of mind will affect your attitude in general.

You cannot simply hide your attitude as it will be shown through your face expressions, actions, speeches and appearances. Unless you are one excellent actor, people will sense your negativity when they come near you.

Beware! A negative mindset can be contagious. Anyone who gets near you can be affected by you almost instantaneously. Negativity will not only give you a gloomy and vexatious appearance, but also has the tendency to turn a happy gathering into a mourning session.

On the other hand, a positive mindset can energize you both mentally and physically, making you feeling more enthusiastic in pursuing your dream. Having a positive attitude has the power to make you appear happy and confidence. In addition, you can even have the power to affect others and hence, attract people towards you.

People with negative mind and hence negative attitude tend to shy away from challenges given to them. Negative thoughts may bring about fear; the fear of failure, the fear of what other would say about him or her, as well as the fear losing one’s security. And when you are always in your comfort zone, you will never have the chance to step on the ground of a better zone.

A positive mindset and hence, a positive attitude can benefit a person a lot. A person who projects a positive attitude loves to take up challenges given to him or her. He or she is also better in handling pressure in life and is more proactive in solving problems. In fact, it was proven in studies that a positive mindset can even lead to better health.

If positive attitude gives such good benefits, why are most people around you seemed to have negative attitudes?

You need to know that reality in life is not always everything’s coming up roses and the worst fact is that there seems to be more negative things happening around you than the positive ones. Hence, unless you can be utterly oblivious of what is happening around you, you need to adopt a positive attitude to handle all these negativities and be a winner.

Nothing wrong with feeling annoyed, down, and sad at times, but to be in such stages for too long will not do you any good. In fact, these emotions can do harm to your health. Problems can arise no matter you are one positive guy or one negative soul, so why not adopt a positive attitude to solve your problems as it will make your life much easier.

It won’t do you harm and it has so much to gain just by believing in yourself.

Start today.”

Article by Jeff Boo

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